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britains manure spreaders


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calling all experts out there ,how many colour variations are there of this model please, got the following 7,  2 x red, one mf and one standard maunre decal, 2 x blue, one the ford version, the other a blue and yellow i got from zwolle(seen a picture in a book there from a dutch collector so it seems real) ,2 x gren ones, a jd looking green and a more lime green one(very similar to my mf 200 trailer in colour in the flesh, and a turquois one ,but not really sure if theres others out there i am missing

the lone  lone turquois at the front (got two but ones missing a belt) with the rest


the blue versions


the greens




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i think i have the blue yellow one mark, the flash has made it look lighter than the actual paint finish ,its deffinatly darker than that pic shows it, more nh  blue than the ford blue one behind it thats for sure. didnt know about the green one, is it decaled deutz ?? or just manure spreader, certainly not a green that could easily be forged if its deutz coloured, or infact the white reels ect either   

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mmm so it seems going by the combinations i have these from the list then

Red/yellow/grey belt  yes

Green/yellow/grey belt    yes

Green/yellow/green belt    wonder if this is my second green one. but mines deffinatly lighter

Dark blue/yellow/grey belt    yes everything matchs mine

Light blue/yellow/grey belt  would this be the turquoise one i wonder??

Metallic blue/yellow/grey belt

Red/yellow/tan belt    yes

blue/white/brown belt (Ford gift set 9636)    yes

Green/white/brown belt (Deutz gift set 9637)

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Interesting topic its amazing as to the number of variations. In addition I have never seen those Deutz sets.

I have three spreaders in Straw boxes, a light blue, a red and a green all with yellow gears but all with WHITE belts.Well says white per my spreadsheet but I suspect that is what may be described as GREY in Mark's earlier post. I'll check photos to see.

I have one in a Chevron box but no details however I assume it is a red one.

In addition I have this one from set 9636


The other one I have is in a set No 9660



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Bill with reguards the colour of the belts I quote from Farm and Site "The conveyor belt also varies in colour and although originally supposed to be white, actually turned out a rather dirty white which we have labelled grey. It also appears in brown or tan, and most rarely in green" So the belt is a dirty white colour which they classed as grey.

Thanks Mark. And now a green belt to lookout for.... ;D ;D

Anyway I have found another set with a spreader No 9596 out from 1979 to 1984. I can't see the colour of the belt on this one from the attached photo though :-[


Anyone else know of other sets which included a manure spreader ???

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Yes Mark I think the one in Set No 9596 has the brown or tan belt when I look closer....I was previously only looking at a smaller picture on Photobucket.

Set No 9599 is another one I haven't got or seen but it is on my "to get" list but only described as Farm tractor and implement set - now away to update ;) ;)

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