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Old Britains Flatbed lorry

An Interested Spectator


Have plans to "do up" one of these soon.

They are described as Deutz trucks. This is a new one on me. Did Deutz supply trucks in the UK. Or is there another truck make close to this model.

Basically I am trying to identify the nearest "real truck" to this model to get my detailing as near as I can.

Cheers in advance


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Magirus Deutz became Iveco.  There was a cab shared between volvo, daf, renault and the maggie.  It does look a bit like the bedford tl but the side windows are wrong.  My guess is it is either an old ford or iveco style.

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Magirus Deutz have quite a cult following, the air cooled engines are incredibly reliable and had loads of power for the size of truck.

Have a look at this site:


There is quite a bit of info on that site that should help you with the detailing, and the company history is quite interesting.

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