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Muir Hill 121- Finished!

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As mentioned elsewhere I decided to have a 1st go at a scratch built (with a few donor parts!) so had to choose my number one fave tractor, the legendary Muir Hill 121. Sadly I have neither the tools or the know-how yet for a perfect scale so I have had to use a bit of guess work and a keen eye but I'm pleased so far. Started off with a scrap Britains MF chassis, cut it down before embarking upon trying to re-create the Muir Hills rather awkward angles for the bonnet and back arches.

Have since added a rear linkage hand built from farmmodels.nl, wheels from a UH MF1200, interior seat, steering wheel, exhaust and pedals from a UH Ford 7810, an air filter including half from a Britains MF1250 and half from a Ford 7810, mesh grill (make from a sieve  :of) and front lights from a JCB loadall.

Still lots to do including the cab which is in progress, front weights, inner skirts and decals. More to come soon  :)

** You'll note the topic has changed slightly as I have decided to do a 121 not a 141 as the grille was proving tricky. The main body is very similar only the cab and grille is very different.




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:of :of :of :of

love it. love it. great job with the bonnet and muguards. looks spool on!

is that a 6290 chassis? and how u do the front axle?

i'd planed to do a 121 but never got it finished. drew out the pictures but that as far as i got.  :(

The chassis is off a MF2680, although there was little left of it as I had to cut it down a lot, used this chassis mainly for the engine design. The front axle is off a Ford FW-60 and will have to be fixed as I don't have the tools to pivot it so it can turn.

Thanks to you all for the positive comments  :D

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Very tidy Lee , gping to be a cracker once do e. How did you get on with the finish of the yellow paint ? I hate yellow when I do stuff always seems to go wishy washy for me and needs a good few coats to get it ok

You are right, once primed it took several coats of a airbrushed yellow as it took a while to take, then I added a couple of coats of brighter Tamiya yellow and it seems to have taken. The first few coats almost disappeared  :(

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