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britains mf 200 trailers colour variations


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well as requested by his royal boreness bill  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: , heres all the varients of the mf 200 trailers, well that i have, only know of 2 i am missing, a green high sided tipper( early version one), and a deutz one with grey wheel hubs, otherwise i have all of them ,

that said some one did mention a mf red one with white wheels, but i have never seen or heard of that version before




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Thanks as well Sean

I will post up pictures of mine tomorrow.

I know that I am missing

Deutz Fahr

Yellow Basic from Fastrace Set

Yellow Autoway Version

I have two Red MF200 versions, one with grey wheels and one with red wheels

And I also have the dark green one from the Deutz basic (released in the 00's) set which you don't have Sean

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red wheels eh ,mmmm  , never seen that or a white wheeled one, personally don't collect autoway s not bothered on that version ,and the deutz basic set isn't one for me either, although i may get one if one comes around on the cheap ,certainly not a high priority one for me anyway

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I've got a strange one. It's the early type, the same as the blue one with the old decal but instead of it being blue it's green. Never seen one before

If it's for sale drop me a pm sounds like one I am missing ,cash waiting if the price is right and pics confirm it's ok and complete
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The early green one


The first version blue one, this decal also found on the green colour version as above picture


These come with orange coloured tipping handles and land rover style knobbly tyres. Next version had a silver or bare metal tipping handle, still with early land rover tyres but as far as I am aware only in blue. These appear to have been available for only a short period before the tyre/wheel combination was changed for the less chunky ones as fitted to latter swb land rovers.

I bought a red coloured trailer a while back with yellow wheel centres, possibly made at the time the autoway series was wound up to use up parts :-\  or possibly not ::)

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....that said some one did mention a mf red one with white wheels, but i have never seen or heard of that version before

I haven't come across one with white wheels either, but there may be one with off-white (or cream) coloured wheels ?? (same colour as is also found on some versions of the Vicon Multi-Spreader and Howard Rotaspreader).  Maybe these are being referred to as white by some people - we all have slightly different conceptions of colour, and having myself taken part in a research project that involved a  colour blindness test many years ago, I was surprised at how large a percentage of people do actually suffer from some degree of colour blindness, but do not realise it! 

I also have the red MF200 with red wheels, and also the one in red with yellow wheels.

I am pretty sure that the Land Rover type wheels and tyres on the early silage trailers were superceded by the narrower 'generic' type wheels and tyres around 1978 (when the 8-wheeled trailer was introduced). The Land Rovers were also fitted with the narrower tyres from the same time.

The early blue ones have a blue tailgate, but from about the time the MF200 version was introduced, they had a silver tailgate, like the MF200 and Claas versions - and the late Macau manufactured versions of the MF and Claas trailers had tampo printed decals instead of the paper stickers used on the UK made ones (both MF and Claas trailers were made in Macau after 1996/7, but production of some of the range was subsequently transferred to China around 1999/2000 -  does anyone have one of these trailers made in China??)

The only other one I have is a late version of the blue/orange trailer with the 'bull decal' (the same as used on the cab doors of the Magirus Deutz livestock lorry) - I imagine they had used up the last of the 'Tipping Trailer' decals and used those instead??  Mine is 99%mint, but is unboxed and has no silage top - I haven't seen a boxed one to know whether it came in the normal box with a silage top or in the MF200 box without the top.  I believe it to be genuine as I have seen two others (and I seem to think someone may have posted a picture of one on FTF several years ago? - can't find that one now).


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i belive thats a real one bob, they are not that old so good nick ones are easy to find still

ment to say theres also two versions of the deutz one out there, ones yellow wheeled like mine, , the other grey wheeled, do not know if both  came in the forager set ??? as i think theres two deutx box sets out there from memory, so may be ones from the other set

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I have the fendt version, it says made in china on the bottom and the paint work is spot on is it a reproduction?

It looks very similar to the one in set 40841 which I posted earlier in this topic.

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I anyone feels tempted,please be aware that the MF200 trailer doesn't connect up well with a MF7480.You pull the hitch up & the trailer trys to lift into the air.The only tractor I ever ound it worked well with was the Mercedes 1500 or the MF2680,being so heavy..

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