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Big dairy-farm in the UK


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Not trying to be mean or anything to anyone that like super dairies, but milking the next day after calving?

But sure all you would be getting out of her is beasons unless she is being milked and they can get her milk just for the calf? hard to know with those rotary parlours where every unit doesen't have a jar :-\

And you can see that the cattle aren't even used to the man talking( not Adam ) the cows are looking at him like they don't know him :-\

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Also we couldn't keep cows and certainly not pigs like that in the UK.

Huge area for debate here as I was reading earlier on the BBC news site about the guy from UKIP wanting us to separate from the EU calling a discussion about it etc and the arguement seemed to mention about farmers and the fact the EU was subsidised blablabla which then leads to the fact that in the EU they are meant to be doing away with sow stalls etc but haven't yet but the UK has, the cost of production is more blablabla........ and then I lost interest because that super dairy in the UK didn't get permission and is never likely too as too many people were anti it and they had issue with disposal of the effluent if I remember...

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Thanks for the link texas - I recall when that footage was shown and felt it was a fairly well balanced report (for the BBC!! ;) ).

It's all a bit old news now though, and the plans for the dairy at Nocton were withdrawn (for the time being); note it was withdrawn by the applicants, it wasn't turned down by the planning authority  ;)  - at the time of withdrawal, I think pending prosecution of one of the farmers involved concerning three pollution incidents on one of his dairies in Devon probably had a significant bearing on that decision. 

The only major objection (and it was rather a biggie!) came from the Environment Agency, and was a concern over the plans for the avoidance/containment of effluent leakage or major spills and the fact that the land is over a major aquifer which supplies drinking water in the region.

The vast majority of all other objections recieved centred on animal welfare grounds (consideration of which do not come into the remit of the planning commitee), and locals frightened of potential smells.  As the two dairy farmers concerned still own the land (about 2800 acres), and have I believe committed to farming it for the next 5 years, I would not be at all surprised if the plan is resubmitted in the future (or perhaps a revised plan, possibly even on a different site further from Nocton and Dunston villages?). 

I have no doubt that sizeable livestock units will happen in the future, but it may be a more gradual increase in size, rather than a sudden multi-thousand animal unit straight away (we have already seen dairy herd sizes increase from 50-100 cows up to 500-600  in some cases over the last few years without any serious objections being raised, but had anyone proposed a 600 cow dairy in the 1960's, it would have probably attracted a similar negative reaction to the Nocton proposal). 

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Speaking of interesting programms about farming. Here's another that might interest the Brit boys: http://beta.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1118994 Sadly it's in Dutch for you but you should get an idea. Shows farming in Holland as seen from above. Amazing landscape really. And if you just want to see farming in the Flevo there's this clip: http://nederlandvanboven.vpro.nl/afleveringen/knutsel-video.html Also a clip about precision farming with UAV's (drone's).

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