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Gearing up for spring corn action

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Missed this topic for some reason, Thats another nice set up you have Scott with plenty of nice kit!

Another nice collection of pics, whats the yellow thing in the second pic? (Don't say a Case digger!!!!!!! :D) Is it a cattle box or something totally different?

Tris, the cotton pickers unload into this and then it compacts it into a bale and leaves it on the ground. I'm sure Scott has posted up a picture of this process before for us to see in another of his topics.  :-\ ;)

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It's called a cotton module builder. The cotton picker or boll buggy will dump teir load into this and an operator sits on on the station operating controls that allow him to compact the cotton into a rectangular bale. When the bale is complete, the rear end swings open, the module builder raises and pulls forward leaving the bale. Then later the cotton gin sends out a truck called a module transporter to pick up the bale. This truck has a long box bed w/ a walking floor that pulls the cotton bale up into the box bed. Of course the bed tilt back.

I have some pictures of the module builder. Give me some time to find pics of the truck.




Also, thanks guys for the compliments. I truly appreciate them.


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Classic Green'un on the front!! Thanks for the pics, thats an interesting bit of machinery, massive aswell. How much would a bale like that wiegh? Don't know the first thing about Cotton harvesting but those photo's and your explanation are ace. Very interesting M-Man, many thanks. As always it is amazing to see this type of obscure kit for the fitst time.

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