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Marshall D150 by Paul Ogier

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Absolutely superb model. Must admit i'd rather like one too. A local contractor used to run one on a reverse drive Mengele forage harvester before replacing it I believe with a Fendt for the same task.

Here's photographs I took of Paul's wonderful models on show at Zwolle, great to see them "in the flesh". :)



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Great build of one of the last badge engineered marshalls, Good marshall models are hard to come by, and the latter Steyr range are largely neglected in model form. Nigel ford did a very limited run of the purple coloured Marshall excusive off a fairly hard to come by marshall by cursor. some that still evade my collection! :)

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Boy, Paul is one talented model builder.

David, do you happen to have any more pictures of the IH's on the right-bottom side of the first picture?

Unfortunately Luke those are the only two photographs I took of Paul's stand and wonderful models in Zwolle. The Case IH Magnum is definitely a 7140 whilst the 2wd International is an 88 suffix tractor but i'm not sure whether it's the smaller 3088 range or larger 5088 range.

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Wel i can tell you it is the 5088.

Here is a link to the German forum ( i think you need to register before you can see the topic) of the Case models from Paul.http://www.agrarmodellbau.de/showthread.php/1914-meinem-case-ih-Modelle

Maybe Paul is coming online this weekend i also can ask if he wants to post some photo´s of his models! (or he is coming online and read this post ofcourse!)

Kind regards Johny

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