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My stash of Britains


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Hello all,

I'm new to this forum so just thought I'd say hi.  I collected Britains farm toys for many years.  I've got several of the power toys which are in full working order. 

Unfortunately not all have the boxes but some do.  I'm in the process of getting it all out my parents loft and sorting it all out into boxes to keep clean/safe.

What have people done on here for storage etc?

When I've got it all sorted I'll post up some pictures.

Thanks for looking


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Welcome to FTF James. I too am a collector or Britain's of I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your collection.

never bill would never have know that one  ::):laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

welcome abord james, sure you will enjoy it on here mate, and questions feel free to drop any one of the mod team a pm, or even pop a topic up, always someone on here that can help most times of the day

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welcome aboard! most of us here have a few or more Britains models ;)

as for how we storage them. most end up in display cabinets or on shelves somewhere in the house depening on what the other half thinks about our hobby ::):-[

and as you will find out on this forum, most of us are not able to display everything they have and use attics etc. to store their boxed models in cardboard boxes mainly..  and hoping and praying they will someday have the space to give them a much more satisfactory place in the house or shed... :laugh:

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Look forward to seeing some of your Britians collection, I am now collecting the toys I had as a kid. Got some nice additions in the last year or two. Having a 'want list and gradually working through it, obtaining those once dear toys again at good prices in good condition adds some excitement to the hobby. I see some collections growing with no real direction, seems somewhat hollow for one description. What and how do you collect?

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