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John Deere 8360R "Siku" version

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Firstly I tried to match the various colours to the trims in the cab and used a brochure of the new 8Rs to get a guide.  The consoles and cab skirting are brown, the leather seats a light gold, so a couple of coats were applied.

Whilst they were drying I removed the standard tyres back and front and replaced them both with slightly beefier Claas 850 Axion tyres which also sport a more aggressive tread 8)  and then applied a first coat of bright yellow enamel gloss to the wheels.


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Hi Chaps,

In response to some questions,  Yes Siku have used a star bolt design on the wheel centres which does spoil the look a little bit and I am considering trying to make a bar axle piece to fit in the hole (somehow :-\ ) or perhaps put a set of wheelweights on to draw attention away ;)

My RC controlled 8345R has the same star design but I think it needs it for security because the drive motor is housed inside and I guess they want to make it difficult to get the wheels off by members of the public as opposed to authorised dealers!  The fact that the new 8360R gets the same style star axle I guess is either laziness by Siku or most probably tooling costs which we all understand but I find irritating when it impacts on correct detail.  I often get criticized for that stance but accept begrudgingly why manufacturers do it ,especially in these increasingly hardtimes.

As for paint brushes I pay a wee bit more to get revell "painta luxus"  as the cheaper ones have an annoying habit of losing the bristles in the middle of the job >:(  and then you end up spoiling things by trying to remove them.  I will put one of the brushes in the next picture later today :)

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one advantage of that star center would be a great mount point for removable duals, you can get magnetic star bits for drill sets cheap as on fleabay, match the size, center them up in the dual, on and off with ease ,, fronts dont seem to have this fitting though going by pics, but rear duals is good enough

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