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County Tractors at work and play


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There have been a couple of posts on here in the past day or so on County tractors so I though I would share photos of some of them I have captured at work and at play.

The first two were still being used by a Forestry contractor when they were clearing a wood a couple of miles from me.






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At my local vintage rally there is always a large contingent of County's all of who are members of the Scottish County Tractor Club.

The first picture is a County Super 4


In 2009 after the parade of County's they decided to hitch up 4 of the larger County's behind the smaller Super 4 and see if it could pull them around the ring.




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Wonderful pictures of wonderful tractors  :)

Thanks Lee. I must admit I do like them myself but never really had the desire to own one and that is mainly for two reasons...they need a shed that is higher than my garage and a lorry to transport if going long distances.

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That Super 6 belonged to a chap called Doug Archibald who had worked with the Forestry Commission with County's for many many years. Sadly Doug died a while back and I'm not sure if his family have held on to it or not.

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Going back in time to 2008 and the location is the BA Stores Working Weekend held at Lyne of Skene in Aberdeenshire.


Its on a high site and can be windy so a pair of countys are handy for anchoring the stand poles to ;D ;D





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