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Britains 2012 catalogue


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The Massey looks promising as does the new Deere. I think the Kane trailers will be big sellers. Looks like they have a rear steer axle from the pictures. They do look well I have to say. Looks like they are painted rather than being molded in the colors

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I've had a lot of enquiries about the Kane trailers already, so I think they're quite eagerly anticipated. Don't like the stack of sacks, though ;);D ;D

ps the buildings have a bit of interest too... although I think diorama builders have been doing exactly the same to their Britains buildings for a while :-\

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So it's not just UH then that are chasing what the scratchbuilders/small specialists are doing by the looks of things.

After the round feeder, feed barriers, hurdles (which I released the prototype for last year) and now the sacks I think they must look at my website daily ::);D ;D ;D

Quite a compliment really ;):)

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Recieved the 2012 Britains catalogue today,so thought i would share.


Thanks for taking the time to post all that - a few nice things to look forward to this year  :) , but looks like another expensive year  :-

I make it 25 new introductions and 29 deletions I think?

Deletions (assuming Britains haven't left something out of the catalogue in error):-

40639  JCB 3CX (old version)

42014  John Deere 3400 Telehandler

42142  JCB Fastrac 8250

42112  New Holland T8040

42303  Case-IH Puma 210

42330  Case-IH Steiger 535 Quadtrac

42436  John Deere S690i Combine

42343  Case-IH Maxxum 125

42370  John Deere 9530

42458  John Deere 9530T

42460A John Deere 7930 Radio Control (not surprising as the Ertl/USA version was deleted at the start of last year)

42471  John Deere 8440

42587  John Deere 7520

42588  John Deere 8295R

42607  Steiger Panther

42608  Case-IH Magnum 335

42610  Case-IH Steiger 535

40999  Red Twin Axled Trailed Livestock Transporter

42015  Green Flatbed Trailer

42016  Green Marston Silage Trailer

40609  Green Marston Bulk Trailer

42532  Combine Header Trailer (Ertl dropped this a year ago in the US)

42101  Land Rover Defender 90 (Blue) with Ifor Williams Canopy

00174  Land Rover Series 1 (Dark Green)

40953  Round Bales (old Vermeer type)

40973  Farm Buildings Set

42263  Green Large Square Bales

40957  Thoroughbred Horses

40959  Heavy Horses


Any idea when the 6R is being released?
  One Dutch seller has it as due in October (http://www.agrispeelgoed.nl/website/index.php?TreeItem=118767&NewsItem=14870), but I spoke to the parts man at a JD dealer near me when I went to get the new Britains 7260R and he was expecting dealers to have the 6210R early in the year.  As the picture in the catalogue is of the real machine, and not even a prototype, I would think its release may be later rather than sooner.       

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Thats because you setting the standard of what we collectors are looking for on our layouts keep up the good work.

What a nice thing to say :-*

Got over 25 new items coming out this year... put that in your pipe Britains...phwwwwt  ;);D ;D ;D

Seriously, Britains products were the very first source of inspiration for HLT and it's just great to see them bouncing back with the products we've been asking for. Still no poultry, though :'( :'(

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