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I am currently designing new wheels for 2012. There have been a few requests that I am working through now and will be adding in the first quarter of 2012. REF 0056 and 0057 are added.

REF 0037 (John Deere center) will be cast also.


If there are any requests/suggestions feel free to post them here. I am hoping to add wheels that people need for scratch build and conversions. I am also removing some older wheels this year.

I plan to add some more diorama parts which I have had requests for.

I am currently working through the trailer orders of which there are quite a few so please bear with me.

Thanks  ;)

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There has been a lot of requests in the last week to my email.

REF 0058 (see images below) and matching 0059 narrow tractor wheel set added. Site updates will be applied tomorrow

Set front weights to be added

Ford rowcrops are also in design stage



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