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Right here is a tricky bit of homework for you all. What is the difference between the category numbers and the ones with N.

e.g. Cat 3N.

The ISO 730 standard was revised in 2009 to include 1, 1n , 2, 2n, 3, 3n, 4, 4n but I be damned if i can find out what the difference is. The reason I want to know is that looking at JD brochures it mentions them and its more for curiosity.

I couldn't really be bothered forking over 38 somethings to access the standard just for a simple question like this.

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Its the size of the couplings on the link arms I think? Something comes into my head about cat. 1,2,3 balls.

I remember always trying to find the ones I needed at college, as the tractors we had were different!  ::)

So that would tell me the N must be like a Premium option then maybe  :-\  Maybe a stronger version?

Not really much help Am I  ::)  ;D

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I know the CAT bit the position of the pins (width of the gap between) and the thickness, I was thinking it could be for quick hitches but then there is only so much you can change about a ball with a hole in it  :laugh:

You know this will turn out to be something so simple that nobody can think of it.

actually logically thinking, whats the chance that it is for narrow machines so its the arms when closed together???? IE same strength as the CAT number only narrower?

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