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The Start Of A Bull Pen + Milking Parlour

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Well, I had the topic up on the other site :laugh: But I'll post it out again,

I was tricking around with a bull pen shed, its a on and off job but I haven't much work today so I'm hard working on it ;D ;D

First one of the wooden beam and side....


Yesterdays work had lead to this... first joint glued in place ;)


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Started the milking parlour about 11 last night :D

Heres what the parlour should look like, I've lots to do though.....I only have first length cut , 3 to do :o Have to make all the sizes myself not really going by pictures,

But it should be in this sort of line of a parlour :laugh:

I'll get pictures later :o

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A few from today, I'll probably do a half an hour or so after these are up,

got the other wooden frame finished only 3 or 4 more to do :D

Waiting for more pine stripwood from a hardware shop in Dublin, that will be the end of the week so it'll give me time to put detail inside bull shed and yard.

(These first few of parlour layout from yesterday 8 by 8 set up )



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