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Mf35 And 735 Loader

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I've been fiddling with this for a while - I decided I needed something to fill the spreader. :)

Scaledown front axle and pick up hitch, all sprayed 'proper' MF colours.




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That's rubbish John,you forgot the the wire to trip the latch ;) ;) ,absoluted cracker John,wish I had the ability to work with brass like that,but credit to you that look's the business,keep them comeing, :-[:-[ now I've had time to look properly I see THE WIRE IS THERE,just stunning John Brilliant.



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Thanks everyone for the kind comments. :)

How come Lord F is always first on a Massey post? ;D

There is a trip wire, Joe but t's too fine to show in the pics.

sweet mr c, as we would expect from you, would love to see you dip into a layout for all this period stuff your making, would show it all of to a tee

I know Sean - I started one a few years ago and it hasn't moved since then. :-[

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excellent job......i remember an outfit identical on a neighbours farm,the 35s still there but god knows where the loader is now...i remember it being fitted with a mcmaster box tippler for half ton boxes,handled them well too but id say the steering was hard on the arms.....

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