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Industrial Tractors


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After a bit of thought I am changing the direction of my type of collecting. Rather than wanting to buy any new thing that comes on the market, I've decided to concentrate on industrial, municipal or kommunal tractors.

I have already a Britains 135 with loader , boxed and complete with 2 types of driver and play rubble from the early 70s. A UH yellow industrial 135, and an orange Fendt. Can any one help me with other 1/32 models. I know Uh are bring out a MF 20b , is this available yet?

Also are there any implements or trailers available apart from the Britains Autoway series.

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It will depend on whether you are going to concentrate on Britains type models or you are looking to diversify. There is a huge range of Fendt Kommunal models from UH, Siku and Weise and some of them are quite rare. There are also Deutz Kommunal variants about and once again, they are not particularly common.

Here are a couple of examples




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hi there are 3 industrial john deere`s out there, a wiking 6930, siku 7430 with snowplough and spreader , and a siku 6620 ( harder to find), and there is the new valtra n kommunual ( uh) and also a mf 6745? kommunual , there are pictures of these in my collection apart from the valtra N

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Peter Hardy ( convo ) has done some really smart orange conversions based around Siku tractors too. Here's a couple he had on his stand last year.


Whilst here's a couple of Industrail yellow tractors residing in my own collection.



Ertl have also produced in the past a Steiger Panther on duals in yellow and a Cougar on super singles. I also have the UH Massey Ferguson 135 and i'm really looking forward to the arrival of the 20B to sit alongside it. Another Industrial yellow tractor of note is the Farm Toys Forum Britains Ford 5000 in industrial yellow too.

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cant believe we are forgetting our own FTF Ford 5000 industrial!!! , might still be available with Andy though? , also of course the Britains Ford 7710 Autoway, Deutz Autoway, Volvo Autoway, Fordson Major industrial and Ford Super Major 5000 industrial... So all in all, if you really search, you will find that there are lots of Industrial and Communical tractors out there!

PS. industrial backhoes not taken in consideration here, but if you did, there would easily be another 10 models to add to the list!

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Weise and Schuco do 'Kommunal' MB Tracs both of which I have owned and are fantastic models, the Weise one seems more rarer though and is a little tricky to find.

Weise Kommunal MB trac or MB Unimog?

I've seen the unimog, but not an MB trac......picture please if this is true :)

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