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Uh County 1474 - Rate And Review


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is the u/h county 1474 a good example of the real thing? i have never worked on a county tractor, so i cant compare it. i have though, spent a lot of hours on a muir-hill 121.i do hope somebody makes one soon.

As long as Lloyds Loaders have the license it is unlikely you'll see one mate, having spoken to many people including Lloyds themselves they appear to put a lot of barriers in the way >:(

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My County 1474 arrived today from G&M (thanks for the speed guys) and overall I'm delighted with it. It is a detailed, solid model, here's my review; (if you note a yellow tinge in some of the pics that is my camera not the models)


I'm not an expert on Counties but from the many pics I've seen of the 1474 UH seem to be pretty accurate with good proportions and some nice details. The paint finish is good overall and the front weights and wheels look the part (even though the tyres look a little thin to me) The hand rail on the bonnet, mirror, front and rear lights, grille, engine hoses, decals, interior detail (which includes dash board dials, levers, roof lining and rear view mirrors) all add to the overall detail. The roof aerial looks a little thick though, the glass on mine is marked in places and there is a glue stain near the exhaust. Furthermore the rear hitch looks poor as usual.

Functionality & Build

The wheels do turn but as is often the case with small piston steering they don't move much (as can be seen in the top down picture) I'd have liked a little more turning but this may vary from model to model. The rear hitch does it's job but as said before it lets the model down probably the most for detail. The build is good and pretty solid, does not feel too flimsy although too much pressure on the steering mechanism may end in tears. There is no opening doors or windows which should perhaps be the case for a UH model now as so many others have this.


At just £30-35 it's represents good value in my opinion for a classic tractor. Typically the box is very flimsy and UH seem to use screws that 'chew up' far too easily so that's not ideal. I'm sure UH will sell an awful lot of these.

Overall 9.1

With a new rear hitch and a few less marks it would have scored higher, but overall for the price I love it!! ;D















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Here's a few pics of the UH beast alongside DBP's brilliant Snub nose 1474. The DBP wins for me as the finish is better, the rear hitch is superb and it just looks more chunky and solid but I think it shows how good the UH one is too.








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Here she is with an implement or two... What does everyone think of the model?

Ohh yes. Well be getting one along with the TW-30. Might hold off on the 8830 tough cause Marge have one in the pipeline i think.

Strangly enough when i looked at your pic with the muckspreader,it kinda reminded me of the Britains Powerfarm County 1884 with their Howard muckspreader attached. Kinda like history repeating itself abit. :laugh:

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I have one along with the TW and 8830 and think its a great model for the price, very detailed and a good replica of the real thing. I will agree about the screws holding it in the box though, had a devil of a job to get them undone!!!

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My County arrived on Saturday, I am a life long fan of these iconic big wheelers and i have to say i am delighted with the model, it is stunning with i think a high level of detail, 9 out of 10 to UH for a very good effort and 10 out of 10 again to UH for being the model producer who finally produced a affordable well detailed model of one of these classics, lets hope it dosnt stop here with hopefully a 1884 and even possibly a 1184/1174 in the pipeline!!.

9 out of 10, UH dropped a piont for what has already been mentioned, getting the model off the stand was hell of a job, 4 tiny screws that was so tight i very nearly broke the model trying to remove them, this is not the first UH model i have had this problem with, certainly the firm can find another way of sucuring the product in the box??..

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hi i just ordered mine cant wight for it to come. dose eny 1 know how many horse power it is

regards aaron

Same power unit as the Ford TW-20, off the top of my head 153hp i think, Not sure if later 1474s had the same tweaking as the later TW-25 that brought power up to 163hp..

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Cheers Mike. I would be very surprised if there is not another County done by UH, I imagine this one will sell very well, but I guess there is other considerations to the process. However I would like to see the next one to be a model that is a little rarer, as nice as an 1884 is it quite well covered in models, much rarer in model form is something like this beauty, the 1454, now a 1:32 scale one of these would be brilliant :)


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The TW20 was only the base skid unit for the short nosed 1474, the long nosed 1474 was always based on the TW25 (which is why the switch from short bonnet to long bonnet came about in the first place).

Ford had a rather cheeky habit of always quoting power first and foremost under BSAU141a, which made their tractors appear more powerful than the figures obtained under DIN70020 (which was the standard used by pretty much every other tractor manufacturer).

The TW20 and short nosed County 1474 were 145hp (DIN) or 153hp (BSAU);

The TW25 and long nosed County 1474 were 154hp (DIN) or 163hp (BSAU).

However, the transfer boxes and other driveline changes on the Countys sapped more power than the standard Ford drivetrain, so the County versions actually had less useable horsepower than the Ford equivalent.

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