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how do all.this model arrived to me a couple of days ago. it cost £103 from drews of denton, wiltshire. once out of box, just two wires to release the model, and its free. model is very well packaged and came through the post o.k. detail is very good. model is metal and a fair bit of plastic. the first thing i noticed was the lack of detail on the plastic booms, no water lines or nozels, which is a shame. mirrors are grey paint inserts, so the kitchen foil will be out soon. cab interior is fairly good and not totaly black, a little silver has been added here and there.the door on my model does not open. the ride height can be raised, instructions are enclosed in model, but i have not tried it as i want mine to stay on lower setting. another small gripe is the wheels, they seem a little floppy in their mountings.both axles turn for good steering and can be displayed in crab mode. axles also pivot on their centers.boom height can be raised and lowered but this perticular model slowly sank to the low boom position due to the metal used on boom cradle. this is an expensive model, and in the current climate wont be a MUST HAVE item unless you are into challenger equipment or sprayers. i personaly think this machine should be about £80, more if it had better boom detail. please look at attatched photos. regds, chris.post-3323-0-61499100-1327597427_thumb.jppost-3323-0-03541000-1327597481_thumb.jppost-3323-0-77301000-1327597543_thumb.jppost-3323-0-40283200-1327597579_thumb.jppost-3323-0-54128100-1327597624_thumb.jppost-3323-0-74106500-1327597670_thumb.jppost-3323-0-86884800-1327597720_thumb.jppost-3323-0-40553300-1327597807_thumb.jppost-3323-0-70664100-1327597854_thumb.jppost-3323-0-44995400-1327597902_thumb.jppost-3323-0-52513800-1327597949_thumb.jppost-3323-0-12210500-1327597996_thumb.jppost-3323-0-86079400-1327598046_thumb.jppost-3323-0-66968200-1327598096_thumb.jppost-3323-0-00292500-1327598142_thumb.jp

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seen a good few pics of this, but so far none of it in the raised position ?? i asume it does going by the instruction pics, but is it difficult to do?? or is it just the case of it wont stay in that position down to its weight or something?

two small screws to adjust on each axle. it looks a bit fiddly to me.
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