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Britains 42786 Farm Building And Accessories Set


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I might have missed this in a topic elsewhere, but this set seems amazing value for money!

I bought one today from Mole Valley Farmers in Cullompton for just £29.99. It contains:

Farm Packs -

42350 Fresian Cows,

40961 Fresian Cattle,

42715 Cattle Feeder with 2 cows (Totals 10 cows and a feeder, plus a green round bale),

42079 Feed/Fertiliser Sacks (x6),

42263 Big Green Square Bales (x6),

40953 Big Round Bales (x4),

40954 Farming Family, (x3 Figures and a dog),

40951 Farm Gate and Fencing, (Gate, Sign and Fencing Pieces (x3))

40952 Farm Fencing (x6 Pieces)

and a

42733 Dual Purpose Building.

Based on a price of £3.99 for each pack and £22 for the building, that gives a value of £57.91 for the contents. The list price seems to be around £40, so the Mole Valley price is a steal! How nice to actually SAVE some money for once... (As I told the other half when I brought this home!)... ha ha!

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The original published list price was actually £60, although I don't think it has actually been sold at that price anywhere - around £30 to £35 is about what most sellers have had it priced.

It is certainly very good value indeed. :) It is also an uncatalogued limited run set - I am told Britains themselves have now sold out so the ones that are currently on sale with retailers are all there will be!

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There seems to be an offer on Amazon for this at £37.99 but it appears they have BOTH barn buildings in a set for £15.49.

The former offer is reduced from £59.99 which seems a decent offer.

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