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Kane Half Pipe On Demo


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Thanks for the pics, but is there any chance of a few pics with them under T6000s and T7000s. It's very hard to judge them hitched to rare beasties that you don't see every day. I'd swap the 770tt for a Tucano or Dominator as well.

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The Lex pictures illustrate perfectly why not having a working graintank spoils the model >:(

The Kanes look good but it is annoying they didnt get the wheels the right colour as others have said, Its a good job I have silver paint and a brush waiting for them isnt it ;D

I understand that it can be annoying about the lack of a mesh front and the wheel rims being the wrong colour but at £15 a trailer you can't really complain,especially for something that can be fixed so easily.

I for one will definetly be buying a few of these regardless of these minor glitches ;D

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They look a good solid toy and good enough to be a model too. Applause for Britains for doing much better recently right across the board. Have Kane trailers ever had white wheels? ACE used to but by the time Britais brought their model out, most had silver rims on them.

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looks great for a 15 quid toy, which people still keep forgetting it seem going by comments, steering axel, good looking multi stage single ram, got to be a first for britains, good tow eye detail, even if the shoes a bit to big? if the best we can do is maon the wheels are the wrong colour, then i would say its a 95% good model from them, overall if you paid 60 to 100 quid and had the minor issue wrong then go ahead and conplain

i recon looking at the pics, the silage tops could be removed on the bodys, but not sure on the rear tailgate?? theres holes in the body half way along the grain sides one, with a lip on the inside for something to sit into ie the silage top

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Please tell me that they are prototypes there mesh is filled in

These are not prototypes. These are the real thing. The mesh is filled in.

As others have already said Britain's produce toys not models.

These are designed for the 'carpet farm.' However in my opinion with a little bit of work they are not far away from a scratch built Kane. Good value for £15. Should be able to have 2 or these instead of a scratchbuilt trailer.

Alot of 'carpet farmers' will have fun with these.

Things like the mesh, the shoe, wheels need changing but they are not major.

I think it's a winner for both carpet farmers and model collectors. Well done Britains.

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