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Little Holland Farm


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Welcome to little holland farm, my mini dio not a patch on many of the dio's on here but I'm pretty proud none the less, still quite a few little touches to do to reach perfection, I'll start with a brief history of the unit.

Little Holland farm was a family sheep and small beef herd grassland unit of about 105 acres, it was handed down to me by my father last year, but due to me not really having an interest in the sheep and the unit needing to spend several thousands of pounds to improve cattle handling facilities and slurry/manure storage to keep inline with current legistation most of the land was sold off to a neighbouring large dairy/arable farm apart from approx 10 or so acres surrounding the unit, the farm itself and my house which is about 500yards down the lane from it, the money from which was used to pay off outstanding borrowing on the farm, I now work on the neighbours farm which rents the unit to keep dry cows and replacements heifers on, with me looking after them and tractor driving on their farm when required, so from time to time you might see different tractors from the two old ford's we kept back from our sale, if I've spent a day in the seat and brought it back with me.



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Well I think your wrong on one count.... that's bang right up there with the best!! I love what you have done with the Britains buildings for starters but the weathering, the style of the farm buildings, the overall small size of the farm, the type of machinery, the details...... Even the narrative you have added builds a picture on its own. You've done a grand job, really really nice farm :) :)

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Magical. I can even smell the farm from here ;) Amazing details - especially the splattered walls and the cow with silage all over it's face (just like real-life). How did you make the machinery sheds - are they scratch-built? Been trying to work out if there's Britains Atcost barn in there :-

Can we have another shot of the track up past the machinery shed, please :)

And final question... can I put it on my website, pleeeeeeeeease :)

Love this dio by the way (just in-case that doesn't come across properly) ::);D

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Awww shucks, you guys :unsure:;D thanks for the very positive feedback I'm genuinablly humbled.

All sheds were/are originally Britains sheds that have been 'ghosted' , the small machinery shed is a scratch build ghost lash up using britains components, hedges were from brushwood toys, diesel tank made by hotrod92 member on here, a few pieces from dave towse, vast majority of detailing products, background images, silage flock, gravel etc was from mandy @ holly loves toys (lady ferguson).

Mandy I would be honoured and flattered to have my dio or images of it on your website pm me your email address and I'll send over the pics ;)

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