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Can You Give Me The Number On The Box Of

Mike R

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According to James Opie, in 'The Great Book of Britains', it was only made 1969-73.

A new model was given the number 9568, Howard rotary manure spreader, 1980-86.

I imagine there are two different cows to go in it, differing from standard lying cows by having a hole underneath to fit it in position.

The first one is the lying cow based on the previous lead lying cow, made 1969 only in the holed version (1958-69 generally).

In 1970 the normal (no hole underneath) lying cow was replaced by a new one (has forward pointing horns, very graceful for a cow), but I don't know for sure if this was also made with a hole for the transporter 1970-73. It probably was, because the two examples I have don't have a hole. but do have a small cylindrical bit sticking out underneath, presumably a hole in the mould in which a peg could be fitted to make holed versions for the transporter.

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I imagine there are two different cows to go in it, differing from standard lying cows by having a hole underneath to fit it in position.

Indeed there are, and each had a different method of fixing into the animal trailer - the earlier lead mould type had a rather fancy attachment 'hole' which pushed over a plastic peg which was moulded onto the centre of the trailer floor (this peg has usually been broken or cut off most of the played with examples) :-



The later revised mould cow had a smaller hole in the bottom and was fastened into the trailer with a self tapping screw through a moulded hole in the trailer floor which was offset to the left of centre:





Note: this example ^^^^ hasn't been screwed to a trailer ie. mint - I have come across several of these on their own, obviously sold individually as 2134 (probably to use them up after deletion of the trailer??)

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Thanks for those photos. On the 2nd cow, I see the hole is towards the front, and not where the cylindrical bit sticks out in the centre. Incidentally, I have a rather nice Jersey coloured Hong Kong copy of this cow. If I had space for a layout, it would be very useful because Britains didn't make any lying Jersey cows in either the lead or plastic eras. ......At least not catalogued - I do have the standard lead feeding cow in a fawn colour, which would just about pass as a Jersey with the pre-war hand painted Jersey cows. I think it was painted like that for Britains short lived farm set 3/24 in the 'Rainbow Toys' box, circa 1951, believed to be a 'special' for a specific retailer or for export. There was at least one more 'odd' farm set, 3/27, in a 'Sunshine Toys' box. There were other sets of soldiers, cowboys/indians, etc in both types of box known, and who knows what as yet unknown. Are there fawn coloured lying cows out there as well? In addition to paint schemes actually planned, we all know Britains, and their competitors, turned out all sorts of weird paint jobs in the lead era.

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Thanks Bill thats the one

Mike R

I'm glad I have my uses Mike... ;D ;D

Looking back at a spreadsheet of mine (oh how I like these instead of scrawled notes) Lot number 2643 made £80 at the hammer...to which 20% commission had to be added and then VAT had to be added to the commission so in total for the lot it was £ 80 plus £16 commission plus VAT of 20% on the commission...£ 3.20 ....which makes the total price for the lot £ 99.20.

I suppose that final price was not all that expensive for 10 model's but well I had the other 9 and the cow and the hakes were missing from the model I did not have.....anyway as they say you cannot turn the clock back and well what would the last bidder have paid for the lot.

No 9542 Forager No 9538 Vari spreader No 9535 Muledozer No 9537 Acrobat rake No 9563 Hay baler No 9539 Seed drill No 9543 Buck rake No 9541 Rotary tedder No 9568 Animal trailer No 9540 Manure spreader

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