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Scottish Transport Extravaganza Glamis Castle 7/8 July 2012


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The entry forms came in this week for the 37th Glamis Castle rally hosted by the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club. I do hope the weather is kinder this year since last years event was a washout.


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This morning I loaded up just about 9 am and then proceeded to put on the nose cover (old bed spread) followed by a fly sheet to keep the tractor dry. Under the cover I was able to check the oil and petrol and water levels and clean the plugs before charging the 6 volt battery which is still alright but hardly fit to start with the starter. I however prefer to start with the handle........especially when she usually fires up on the first crank 8)

It has rained most of the day here but looking at the forecast for Glamis for tomorrow it is supposed to be dry but cloudy...anyway I like this show and have only missed it once since 1985 (last year) because of the weather plus my dad was not keeping so well at the time.




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Thanks David...despite being dry all day at the show it was muddy underfoot so jobs today will include power washing the wheels of it and trailer and car...but hey ho gives me a chance to try out my new power washer once I get it assembled. Currently loading photos on to photobucket but in the mean time a wee video of the Orr family from Forfar putting on a threshing display.

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thanks for sharing bill. the weather is starting to be a real pain in the **se isnt it. so many shows and events cancelled all over the country, its a real shame. this week is set to be wet, and cold! and they even talk of a frost on the high ground up your way :-

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The tractors were due to parade in the ring at 4.10 but nothing was paraded in the ring at all during the day Chris. A shame really but I suppose it was the right decision taken by the event organisers to save churning up the field any more. Around 80 odd photos being loaded to photobucket and will follow later on today or tomorrow.

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There were 70 tractors entered in the program but there were a lot of blank spaces....17 in fact as one exhibitor told me and I'm sure Saturdays weather had a lot to do with it.

Anyway on with the show

A 1956 Allis D272


1956 French Farmall Cub


1955 Allis D270


A new one on the rally fields a 1956 French Farmall Cub with mid mounted finger bar more and a two way plough but it was strange it was fitted with the American style of seat.


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1953 Ferguson TEF 20 looking well restored but shame about the shade of gray


1953 Field Marshall 3A


1952 Ferguson TED 20


My own 1951 American Farmall Cub


1950 Ferguson TED 20


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1956 Ransome MG6 and tattie lifter


1958 Auto Culto Autogardener


1970 Wheelhorse tractor


Case LA


1941 Garvie of Aberdeen threshing mill and Fischer Humphries baler


1947 MM UDS and 1954 Case 500


Commercials to follow later

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There are six judging classes at Glamis for the tractors

Best Tractor Overall Concours

Fordson Tractor Concours

Crawler Tractor over 12hp Concours

American Tractor Concours

Ferguson Tractor Concours

Best Allis Chalmers Tractor

During the day I spied two judges going between my tractor and an Allis 272. They were about inside the engine looking. I had to say you are looking very interested in that tractor...aye he responded its not easy judging the concours class so although I did not win I must have been on their short list. Anyway I don't go to the shows for the silverware but the enjoyment of seeing tractors and chatting with like minded folk.

Anyway this CAT D2 did well. Won Overall concours, Best Crawler and Best American tractor...well done to Gordon Robertson on his wins...it is a lovely looking CAT.


2nd placing in the crawlers went to Allan Smith with his 1950 Fowler VF. There were only two crawlers in the class but Allan has done an amazing restoration on this machine. He bought it in 2004 from the late Ian Beverley's sale the former tractor marshall at Glamis. There was no tin work and the chassis had been concreted in a children's play park before Ian acquired it.


Best Ferguson went to the father and son team Sye and Mike Robertson from Brechon and Montrose.


They also got second with their MF 35


Best Fordson went to A Watson from Montrose with his 1958 Fordson Dexta


Best Allis Chalmers and 2nd American tractor went to Adam Cruickshank from Brechin.


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great pics bill, a lot of well looked after tractors there, but i think my favourit is the cat d2.or should i say second favourit, as the farmal cub of yours does definately stand out!

You were on much the same wave length as the judge Drummond Mailer then Chris ;D ;D

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is Adam cruickshank any relation of yours bill?

No he is not actually Chris...but I suppose if I researched the family tree far enough back I'm sure there would be a connection. He also owns the French Cub (no 491) which he has given to his daughter Tracy who has given to her daughter Kim. He has a plough for the Cub and I said I would be interested in buying from him if the price was right ;D ;D

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I know this is Cook of Leven's livery but personally it is not a period shade of green for this age of motor...but hey ho you can choose to paint your vehicle any colour you want.




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This Austin owned by James Gray from Fraserburgh was another one with a red rosette.


Nice load on this ERF shame about the way the major was tied on :angry:



This too got a red rosette


An appropriate plate on this Mickey Mouse Foden


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