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Vintage Sale At Forfar Mart On April 7 2012- Nuffield & Leylands ?


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I was having a look at the sales dates for Lawrie and Symingtons Forfar mart. and see there is Vintage sale on Saturday 7th April 2012. I suspect this is the sale of Graham Hills Nuffield and Leyland tractors since Graham told me it was going up in the Spring of 2012 when I was down at the Massey Harris sale in December last year.


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Hi again Bill, fancy seeing you here again!! yep the sale includes several of Graham Hills Leyland tractors, including the 1974 early 4100, a restored 1973 253, 1979 285 syncro with retro-fit 804 front axle, and a marshall 100-4 with marshall issued turbo kit to uprate it to 125 spec, all in restored condition plus 384, 270, 272, 462, 472, 482 and a couple of nuffields, its the sort of sale i'd love to attend but don't think the bank manager would agree somehow! ;) ;)

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I see Peter Small has done an article about Graham Hill's sale in the current issue of Classic Tractor. In addition to the 20 tractors and spares and literature there are also Border Fine Artsl. I'm really looking forward to this sale..plus indoors in a nice heated exhibition hall 8)

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Well not really Paul and it certainly won't be a real tractor because I have plenty with the five I already have. I do always like to buy just something at a sale especially when it is someone I know so maybe a piece of Nuffield literature. It won't be a Border Fine Arts model since I have all that are listed already.I wasn't aware Graham had any of Andy Sewell's models. I remember seeing some of them when the model show was held at the Kittochside museum in East Kilbride many years ago. Shame that show stopped but the location did not seem to attract the crowds.

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IT was a shame about the show at Kittochside, we visited one year, it was either 2004 or 2005, and displayed there the 2 consecutive years after that until the shows unfortunate demise, it a grand place just to visit, with the Kittochside farm tour and the combine store below ground was fantastic to walk around, with nearly the full progression from reaper/binder through to mid 80s classics :) just a pity the paying public never really supported it to its full potential :'( :'( . Graham has at least 2 of Andys models that i know of, one is a very fine and well engineered JCB 3c and the other is a Nuffield skid unit as it would have been supplied to JCB from Nuffield, Both very nice models. :) :) ,

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I seem to remember. Paul.....did you drive an Land Rover back then :huh:

I wonder if Graham will sell the models you mention :huh:

Anyway I'm looking forward to the sale ...only my second weekend away this year and we are 1/4 of the way through the year.... and tonight the clocks go forward so one less hour to sleep ...but lighter evening's are on the way 8)

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Yep your right there Bill, i did drive a landy back then ;) , i not long since sold the very same landy to a friend of yours that doesn't live that far from me! :) but I've upgraded to dads Discovery now 8)

The months seem to be flying by, it soon be time for Lanark. there pic of Nuffield skid unit on Andys website, under the JCB section.

Hope you enjoy the auction Bill, i don't think i'll make it but i can live in hope :)

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Thanks Paul and I'll try and get some pictures and prices for you. Just up and having a look on FTF before I get ready to go down the road. I'm really looking forward to the sale and the icing on the cake is that it is being held in a nicely heated exhibition hall. I hope to come away with something but I suspect it will only be some Nuffield literature if the price is right. It certainly will not be a real tractor since I have no more storage space unless I kick my car outside ....mind you storage is beginning to become an issue with models as well ::)

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Just not long back from an excellent sale today. I met and spoke with numerous folk and rally friends and acquaintances. In addition I managed to shift a "shed" load of posters and flyers for the Aberdeen model show in 4 weeks time by asking Graham Burke (aka Pentland500 on here) if it would be alright to leave posters and flyers on the window sill of the entrance to the "Strathmore" exhibition hall where the bulk of the sale was being conduced. Many thanks for that Graham .............there was a lot of interest being shown and I did not have to pick up many at the end of the day.

Finally I managed to come home with three Border Fine Arts tractor figurines which elude my collection.That's means now I am only missing the first two tractors..."The Fergie" and "New Technology Arrives"..oh and the Millennium one "The Thrashing Mile)

And last but not least a big thanks to Graham for allowing me in at 7.30 to the Hall in order to get photographs...I even managed to get going before the professional reporters i.e. Pete Small and Peter Love. I had a laugh with Pete later on in the car park as we were the first three cars to be parked up in the morning ;D ;D

Anyway loads of photos taken and will be loading on to PD tonight and tomorrow.

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Sounds like you had a grand day then Bill ;) and a couple of additions to the collection too though i hope you've got room for them!!, I look forward to the pics and glad that advertising for the Aberdeen show going like hot cakes :) .....there we go back to cake again its a wonderful word that fits almost every occasion :laugh:

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Yesterday I was down at Forfar for 7am before it was open so I had a chance to take some photos of the outside lots some of whom were from outside parties. I used my old camera because I did not want to drain my battery in my new one and kept it for the indoor photos.

The outside lots were the last to be sold but I showing them first

General view of the outside lots



I have listed some of the hammer prices but buyers commission at 10% plus VAT (on commission) needs to be calculate to arrive at the take home price. There were a few of the lots which would also have had VAT added on the hammer price.

Lot 707 a Ferguson Brown grubber made £ 400


Lot 708 Ferguson Drill plough made £90


Lot 709 Ferguson potato planter made £ 400


Lot 710 Ferguson grubber made £ 110


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Lot 711 Ferguson 2f 749 plough made £ 280


Lot 712 Ferguson Finger mower made £ 70


Lot 713 International finger bar mower made £ 260


Lot 714 A Balloch Scarifier remained unsold at a bid of £ 40


Lot 715 Was a Ransomes Spinner Potato digger and did not sell at a bid of £ 280


Lot 717 4F Reversible Ransomes plough made £ 500


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Yes Paul it does always amaze me the prices fergie stuff makes since well a lot of it is not than rare.Anyway I was pleased when an International Finger bar mower made £ 260 whilst a fergie one only realised £ 70 ;D

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Back to the outside lots again.

Lot 718 axle and wheels made £ 30 whilst Lot 719 a front wheel and tyre made £ 2


Lot 720 a pair of Ifor Williams ramps made £ 60.


Lot 721 a trailer chassis made £ 40

Lot 722 a box of hydraulic spares made £ 35

Lot 723 a pair of tractor wheels and tyres made £ 25


Lot 724 Kongskilde Tripple "K" made £ 180

Lot 725 a generator made £ 40

Lot 726 a front weight box made £ 200


Lot 727 a pair of JCB wheels tyres made £ 300


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