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Chris Watsons John Deeres


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how do all. heres a peek at my deeres.all tractors are either precision, farm show or prestige. and a couple of wikings and a britains elite combine. the sprayer is a standard britains which i have added spray lacquor to booms to bring out the colour a bit.there is also a 8430 precision conversion.post-3323-0-36102200-1329065800_thumb.jppost-3323-0-57085700-1329065842_thumb.jppost-3323-0-30505200-1329065893_thumb.jppost-3323-0-21105700-1329065939_thumb.jppost-3323-0-83079700-1329065982_thumb.jppost-3323-0-44157600-1329066025_thumb.jppost-3323-0-96191400-1329066077_thumb.jppost-3323-0-32924800-1329066329_thumb.jppost-3323-0-81402800-1329066427_thumb.jppost-3323-0-68341100-1329066479_thumb.jppost-3323-0-51131800-1329066532_thumb.jppost-3323-0-27568400-1329066585_thumb.jppost-3323-0-13528800-1329066636_thumb.jppost-3323-0-14635100-1329066745_thumb.jppost-3323-0-71941400-1329066801_thumb.jppost-3323-0-12676100-1329066854_thumb.jppost-3323-0-88712800-1329066907_thumb.jp

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Hi Chris, great collection, had the precision STX combine myself untill someone tempted me to part with it, wish i hadn't now !!

there still about, but make good money. there are a few on ebay now and then, some sell for reasonable money. i recently paid £175 for mine from a man near newmarket, and then saw a couple sold on ebay for around £100. keep a look out and you might get one cheap [ish]
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