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Chris Watsons John Deeres


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how do all. heres a peek at my deeres.all tractors are either precision, farm show or prestige. and a couple of wikings and a britains elite combine. the sprayer is a standard britains which i have added spray lacquor to booms to bring out the colour a bit.there is also a 8430 precision conversion.post-3323-0-36102200-1329065800_thumb.jppost-3323-0-57085700-1329065842_thumb.jppost-3323-0-30505200-1329065893_thumb.jppost-3323-0-21105700-1329065939_thumb.jppost-3323-0-83079700-1329065982_thumb.jppost-3323-0-44157600-1329066025_thumb.jppost-3323-0-96191400-1329066077_thumb.jppost-3323-0-32924800-1329066329_thumb.jppost-3323-0-81402800-1329066427_thumb.jppost-3323-0-68341100-1329066479_thumb.jppost-3323-0-51131800-1329066532_thumb.jppost-3323-0-27568400-1329066585_thumb.jppost-3323-0-13528800-1329066636_thumb.jppost-3323-0-14635100-1329066745_thumb.jppost-3323-0-71941400-1329066801_thumb.jppost-3323-0-12676100-1329066854_thumb.jppost-3323-0-88712800-1329066907_thumb.jp

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Hi Chris, great collection, had the precision STX combine myself untill someone tempted me to part with it, wish i hadn't now !!

there still about, but make good money. there are a few on ebay now and then, some sell for reasonable money. i recently paid £175 for mine from a man near newmarket, and then saw a couple sold on ebay for around £100. keep a look out and you might get one cheap [ish]
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thanks luke, still a good few to go, schuco 4955 will probably be next deere purchase.

That'll look great in your collection of more modern Deeres, Chris. Nice collection of some very high quality models. O0

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