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hello, great models. epecially like the international and cat crawlers- what scale are they?


many thanks

the IH TD-24 crawler is a 1/25 SPEC CAST model

the CAT D2 is the 2003 "national toy truck'n construction show" model made by SPEC CAST as well, scale 1/16

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very nice models. seems to me it is quite Farmall/International orientated though? with some nice detailed other models as well.. do you collect mainly Precisions and USA models?


and also, many thanks!

I' m interested in all countries models

I do like precision models from ERTL 1/16, FRANKLIN 1/12, SPEC CAST 1/16 and 1/25, SCHUCO 1/18, FIRST GEAR 1/25, they are so stunning, but ...so big!

my collection is mainly composed of 1/32 scale models from Europe and US

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