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John Deere 6820 Loader Conversion

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looks good did you prime the tank befor painting

Good work, the hydraulic pipes and lights will make her look even better :)

thanks for your comments.

i did not prime the tank i sanded it with wet and dry just enough to take the shine off it and make a key in the paint,then wiped it with turps and then paint.

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thanks for all your comments.

i have made up the solid hydraulic pipes and stuck them together ready to go on the model.now to make up the flexable hoses and attach them then get the cab ripped apart to add the lights and doors.



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all the hydraulic pipes have now been fitted i have wired and fitted all the lights,put the cab back together,made doors for it with handles and hand rails,opened up the rear window and masked off the windows ready for weathering,also made a grease gun and mounted it on the steps.all thats left to do now is weather the model and hide the wires then its up for sale.




cant make up my mind should i heavilly weather this on or very light weathering?

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