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What's Your Model Silage Fleet For 2012


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Well boys what outfits are you running this year I have quite a few based on local ones myself. Starting witt

Krone big m 400

John Deere 8360r and jd triples

John Deere 6920 on Kuhn rake

John Deere 7550i

John Deere 6920s and Kane classic

John Deere 7430 and Kane half pipe

John Deere 7530 and Kane half pipe

John Deere 6930 and Kane half pipe

2x jcb 416

John Deere 7530 and 535 with swarther

John Deere 7530 and mc hale f550

John Deere 6410 and mc hale 991bjs wrapper

Jcb 414 and mchale bale handler

John Deere 7430fl and redrock bale trailer

That's one outfit

Next is my residant contractors which I have made in model some of these models I don't have but I will in time for second cut

Krone big m mk1

John Deere 7400

John Deere 6630 standard and Herron

John Deere 6830 and Herron

John Deere 6820 and home built trailer

John Deere 6610 and modified Brennan

Komatsu wa320

John Deere 6610 and 1365

John Deere 6930 and 744combi

John Deere 6630fl and home built bale trailer and rossmore bale handler

John Deere 3050 and home built bale trailer

John Deere 2850 and haybob 300

John Deere 3040 and 348 baler

And another

New holland t7060 on Kuhn triples

Ford 7700 with six cylinder engine and Kuhn rake

Class jag 900 greeneye

New holland tm190 and Dooley

New holland tm165 and Dooley

New holland tm140 and Brennan

Jcb 414

More to come

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Claas 900 (I hope to add a 980 but I am still waiting for the builder)

John Deere 9630 with silage blade

John Deere 9430 with silage blade

Kenworth with 22' Meyers silage box

John Deere 7430 with H&S silage wagon

Either John Deere 4960 or 7280R with the 34' Oxbo hay merger

John Deere 7930 with Pottinger butterfly mowers or 9430 with mowers. (It depends on if I can get my Pottingers built to my specs.)

I will add various wagons and trucks for hauling as they get built but that is close to the final line up.

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Massey Ferguson 5439 (the farms) but I have not got that yet

Claas Ares 836 (contractors)

Claas rollant (the farms)

fella liner (contractors)

vincon offset mower (the farms)

Tanco bale wrapper (contractors)not built yet

Massey Ferguson with loader (the farms)

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to start off

jcb 8280 with jd 535 with grouper

fendt 930 on jd 535

jd 6650 harvester (might be getting replaced will do for this year anyway)

jd 7500 harvester

jd 7930 on kane halfpipe

jd 7930 on kane halfpipe

jd 7820 on kane half pipe

jd 6920 on kane half pipe

2 jcb 416s

i will get up pics of the fleet when i have it all ready ;D

what do you think?

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Krone Big M II

Claas Jaguar 890 Greeneye

JCB 416S(Volvo L110F from Padraig Nolan possibly)

New Holland T6090-20Ft Herron

New Holland TM165/8560-20Ft Herron

New Holland TM140-20Ft Herron

New Holland T6050-18Ft Herron

New Holland TS115-18Ft Herron

Ford 7810-18Ft Fraser

I just need to get/build a T6050 and a TS115 to complete the fleet

For long draws I can hire in a JD 6930-20Ft Kane Halfpipe and a JD 6820-20Ft Kane Halfpipe

The Home farm willl be running

Ford 7610-10Ft Mower

Ford 7600-Swarter

Ford 7810 Turbo-Taarup 605b

Ford 7810-18Ft Fraser

Ford 7610-16Ft Lynch

Ford 6600-14Ft Lynch

Most of them models still have to be got.

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Could do a classic setup this year from the late 80's to early 90's era . Must plan it. Have plenty tractors to chose from & a Claas Jag 690. But on the downside only a few shabby Britains Claas trailers. :- The new Kanes would be too modern obviously.

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New Holland T7.210 union flag with Claas front and side mowers

Fendt 312 with Claas Liner rake

Valtra (not sure which yet) with Pottinger forager

Massey Ferguson 7480 with Kane silage trailer

New Holland TM155 with Kane silage trailer

New Holland TS135A with Marston silage trailer

Valtra T191 reverse drive with buckrake

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My fleet from the year 1990. A mix of Ford tractors with Claas emplements mostly.

Ford 8830 4wd with trailed KUHN mower

Ford 7610 Q-cab 4wd with Claas rake.

Claas Jaguar 690 harvester

Ford TW-15 Q-cab 4wd with Claas twin axel trailer

Ford 8210 SQ-cab 4wd with Class twin axel trailer

Ford 7810 Silver Jubile 4wd with Class twin axel trailer

Ford 7610 2wd SQ-cab with Claas single axel trailer

Ford 7810 4wd with buckrake

Ford 7000 2wd with buckrake.

I will have pics posted soon. But ive to make do with Siku Claas silage trailers . :-

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My fleet for this year, same as last years cos if it ain't broke don't fix it ;)

Kidd 4ft offset rotoflail or Tarrup Dm 1500 side mount

2 Weeks blue 4.5t trailers

1 Petit 4t trailer with farm built silage top as a spare trailer

Grays buckrake (when i get it finished)

Nuffield 10/60

Nuffield 4/65

Leyland 384

Here some pics of previous years grass harvests :)


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my fleet for this year hopefully will be :

ford 7810+jf fct 1050 trailed harvester

newholland tm 155 +16t kane trailer (tm 165 in pic as it is not yet converted)

new holland ford 8560 + 16t kane trailer (mf 3080 in pic as i havent bought the 8560 yet)

mf 3080 + kuhn mower

jcb tm310 + buckrake

here is a few pics enjoy :)





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Here is some of my silage fleet so far

Claas rear mowers I converted, just need a front one now for 3 sets of triples


Black valtra T191 on 20 ft smyth and black diamond T190 valtra on 20ft smyth


Some more of the fleet, jd 6650 harvester,

new holland 9090,

claas 880/900,

JD 6410 on rake, then the rest on trailers, you will see my different jd on the right hand sidw ha ha!


And just incase needed, my home made trailed harvester on the 3350 lp 4wd and 3650. 4wd


Some more pics



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Heres pics of my fleet with an early 90's theme going.

Ford 8830 & Kuhn mower

Fiat 180-90 & Vicon mower

Ford 7610 Q cab & Claas rake

Class Jag 690 harvester

Fiat 1300 DT & NH 719 harvester

Ford 8210 SQ & Twin axel Claas trailer

Ford TW-15 Q cab & Class """""

Ford 7810 SJ & Class """"""

Fiat 110-90 & Claas """"

Fiat 880 & Claas single axel

Ford 7610 SQ 2wd & Claas single axel

Ford 7810 & pushoff Buckrake

Ford 7000 & Buckrake


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