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New Holland TM165 (F-P Style)

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Luke i wouldnt put any thing o nthe front of her just for change, think she looks beautiful the way she is. theres a baling contractor around my way with a tm 150 and and welger rp 220, very like your setup there two beacons and all.......... if it was me anyway id leave it the way it is, maybe get a tool box and handrails thought to really finish it as well as the mudguard exensions

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A little tip for you make your mudguard extensions from black plastic flower pots ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

That's a good one! I'll be busy tomorrow!

I think I will take your idea Civil and leave it as is it, it makes the tyres look bigger with nothing there.

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Spotted that earlier, I wonder if you both posted at exactly the same moment??

also noticed Powerstar modified the post?, didnt think he could do that ??? ???

may also be a reason i had problems accessing the forum as well as they caused a shift in the time - space............. ::) ::)::)


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