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Model farming kit competition


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this is a competition to see who has the nicest machinery outfit in relation to various aspects of farming. there is no prise other then the nicest Kit title  ::)

although we'll cover various areas the first round will deal with cultivations for cereals. So post up pics of the gear ye use on your model farms be it using plough or minimum tillage methods,  :) as every farm is different with different policies!!!!

on your first post say how many acres your farming and mention the tractor lineup, and try to keep it realistic, pretend finance is an issue on your farms  ;)::)

once all the pics are up ill organise a vote, so entries for the comp will close on the third week of April..... gives everyone a bit of time to sort out the best setup.

Please dont comment on anyones pics till after the closing date as it has the potential to run off topic  ;D

So start posting

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Guest Fendt pwr

Oliver's cereal growing kit......

Farm is 250ha of silt loam 100ha of clay loam

Piler crops for both farms... potatoes,peas/beans,sweet corn.

Brake crops for both farms....Barley,clover seed,radish seed,pasture.

Tractors used...

Fendt....524,512,412,716,924,926 etc etc you get the idea. ;D

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well heres my farm, it covers 1700 acres, 300 of which are potatoes, 800 wheat, 100 barley and 500 oil seed rape.

the ground is a relitively lite brown earth soil on the farm, the majority of it is located on flat ground except for 1 unit of 100 acres which contains some steep enough slopes

tractors used are:

nh 6635, nh 7840, nh 8560, tm 115, tm 165x2 and a tm 190

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i missed this post  :-\ am i still allowed to post ?

if so i'll use the fergies as the fords are already up in another topic.

might do a DB of some sort ;):D;D got me paint and 3 tone colour  but the back end wont be finnished by saturday i should have most of it finnished ,it might even look like a tractor when ive finnished

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here's the spring cultivations & drilling at winterhay farms

the farm is approx 2000 acres , of varying acreage for wheat,barley, potatoes & sugarbeet,set-aside & woodland, the land ranges from greyclay > stoney brash > grade A soil.

not used all my tractors as can't afford the labour  :D :D

the Masseys are flavour of the month so these are what i used :

2640 2wd+sprayer , 6290+fertspreader ,  3680 +drill , 8280+centaur6000 , 8280 +plough ,595+loader & 4260 +loader.

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