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Cheap conversion

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Hi there, Have been so impressed with all these conversions I thought I would have a little go. As I've said before finding 1/32 scale farm stuff here is very hard to find so when I found a cheap Country farm set for $10 ( about 4 pounds ) with  seven different implements in I thought this is a good chance to have a go at conversions and if it goes wrong it's only ten dollars. So this is my attempt at a combination drill, With a bit of cutting, drilling, clueing and painting, The only thing which is wrong is the power harrow is not the same width as the drill, but hey the right camera angle and you can't tell ( well not too much).



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Hi, Yes u's are right it's a bobard 72-53 I think there is some bits missing off it, I got it with a box of Britains stuff at a toy fair over here (oz) about two weeks ago the guy wanted $100 (40 pounds) and I went back at the end of the show and he still had it so we came to a deal and got the lot for $50. Bargain or what You could pay that just for two of these items on ebay, He said he brought them with them when they emigraited but his son didn't play with them that is how they are in such good nick, There is a green eight wheeled trailer as well but forgot to put in the picture. It would be good if any one has a bobard and took a picture too see whats missing. Thanks.



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Not what the CV says:

Name: Nathanial Pinky Coop

Current Job:

A Agricultural Contractor


Collecting pink things, hairdressing, male modelling, watching will young on TV


Same as above apart from i'm interested in JD's

Work Experience:

Umm.. Washing my mums car and riding mjb's pedal tractor


Hairdressing grade 1, griffiths trailer driving claas 2, puncture repair NVQ.

Other Notes:

Want to drive all your JD's Luke, I will be the bestest workman ever and I know how to spread dung  ;D

Explain yourself?

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I can see your a JD lover, there always green with envy :D :D :D

Griffiths thing ain't my trailer anyway so I'm allowed to give it some stick ;D ;D

The mower fried its self, bearings went, heating the gearbox up that much it melted the plastic causing oil to leak everywhere and then igniting, I had to waste 2 litres of apple and blackcurrant putting that fire out >:( >:( Have I ever told you about knackering the bed and conditioner on our JF westmac drum mower :D :D :D :D

40 series Fords are crap you know it, your just in Egypt in De Nile :D :D :D :D

Haybobs, lets not go there eh mate ;D ;D ;D;) ;)

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