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jd 3140 / 4240s builds

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well at last i have got back to the shed properly, allowing me to get on with a couple of models i have ment to do for ages,

so far the only jd i have ever done is my 3140 below and of course the 965 combine build ,


but i have always wanted a 2wd to go with this, so i started this last weekend in a spare hr



, i am still waiting on parts for the mo ,so todays efforts have been spent on making a new cab interior, the cast or any ertl jd comes with the wrong cab interior for a sg cab, which shuld be similar to the one seen in the bigger ertl trike/soundguard chassis,

the origonal one first




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now the new interior section





i am still a bit undecided on the seat, i have a few better uh options that look far better, but used the rtl cast copy to check the drivers position, and have just noticed that one of the foot peddels has fallen off??

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whilst i am tinkering with the 3140 model i am also putting together and setting this one up to, will hopefully be a 4240s, with big steps if i can find some good pics of them from the net


i have seperated the cab from the arches to allow better access inside for the detailing ect



and also tack fitted the pma front linkage on


the rear end will also get a pma 3 point fitted, and as usual i will have the working doors on both models and with luck working sun roofs, side and rear windows, as i have been testing options for these inbetween waiting for glue ect to dry

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one of the two together now


for my sins theres also at least one more planned with luck a 2140 opu cab 2wd format, and very possabilly a early shark nose 3130 opu, the aim is to get at least these two done to paint at the same time,the do the other two at the same time

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no not a crisis bill, i am just clearing space in the shed , have a good 4 or 5 other bits out there which i aim to do, then with luck i can get on with the 2 combine builds i have planned and drawn out ,just need the room, and had the bits all ready sat there

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Will have a look in my old copy's pete. I cut the back of the 4240 today and assembled the rear linkage , also got the paint for the interiors yesterday ready , hopefully some more done tommorrow after a bit of DIY round the mother in laws

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hi sean the big step was only an option on the late 3350/ 3650 after the 3050 had been dropped from the range and the late 4*55 series deere`s any older deere`s with the big steps are after production jobs

looking good so far looking forward to seeing them finished

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only a couple of hours on this today, but, the rear linakge is on the 42,


also got the door sorted, its temp held open by brass rod, as the cabs not in its final position, now its cut from the arches it splays out ,but when in the final spot it stays open all by its self no worrys






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its bolted into place and not the normal plasti rod they supply chris, so it will take a implement in the transport position no worrys, plus i can adjust/tighten them over time as they come loose, but usally a tab of thread lock sorts that out just before paint

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