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South Coates Farm


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Just a bit of history to start.

Last year for the silage comp I posted pictures of SPFH foraging at South Coates. Well in the past year some large changes have taken place to the farm. The milking herd has been sold and a few beef cows bought in in place. The farm has also gone into partnership with their neighbouring farm. The machinery line has changed because of this. The fleet now includes JD 7930, 6920S, 6920 and 18000 hour 6200. Along with the MF 362 and JCB 1135 and 3180 fastracs brought by the neighbouring farm. Along with an old JCB loadall and nearly new JCB 416 that is used in the grainstore for the 1000acres of cereals now grown in the partnership, along with the contract storage.

Anyway enough talk, on with the pictures from the grass silage grabbed in between the showers.

First up the 6920S with borrowed claas triple mowers coming over the hill.



Next up is the mighty MF 362 which is in the process of being tarted up a bit



Then the baler outfit turned up, South Coates 6920 with JD 590 baler



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Decided to make this a full topic.

So theres some big changes afoot at South Coates, mainly the change in machinery policy. Firstly before long the older tractors are going to be sold off for newer more versitile models which are coming in as replacements.

A small farm sale was held at the start of august at south coates with the MF 362, JD 6400 and the JCB 3185 being sold along with some equiptment. Pictures of the sale will come near in the future.

Soon to be arriving is a 3400 hour 6620 which will be used for spraying, trailer jobs and some yard work. Although something tells me that the hour total will soon rise.

Also a cheap(ish) McCormick ztx was brought in to pull the simba solo meaning the 6920 or 6920S is free to carry out more contract bailing with the JD sqaure baler as the 7930 can be put onto the drill or plough.

The new owner of the fastrac happens to be Ed Harken who owns the John deere forager formerly used on South Coates silage. His son Peter has claimed the tractor and now had made it a bit more "distinctive" by the addition of lights and chrome. I caught up with the fastrac and its new driver hauling silage. Which I'm sure Ol will like :P





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