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GFW lime spreader (finished)

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What have you done with the rears??

still on the tractor,for use another day maybe, don't really know what to do with them as they're a bit big really ,but if i get another pair which i'm just waiting for,  when the kids finaly get round to breaking  the other one  ::) 

Looking good Marcus...... :) :) :)

What did you use for the spinner at the rear?

something called kenex ?

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Could this be a new workshop I ask myself.  :-\

i wish , no dads getting married in a few months time so i got all his tools & stuff coming here while he rents his house out , if the sheds do ok then i'll get my own shed to kit out as a workshop :)

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Marcus, looks alright actually  :D :D K-Nex wheel looks good, I think you should spray it all red and get some KRM stickers  ;)

thought about it but really don't need the agrivation for getting a good finish ,if it goes wrong it'll take twice as much work to get it right  :-\

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Nice one mate, got all the important bits on it. Maybe a roll over sheet and frame next time your bored?? Good size wise aswell. If you keep spreading all the flour - no buns for MJB!!! Smurf maybe right though but go steady mixing the white stuff with grass!!!

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