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A couple of JDs on single fatties

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You chaps seem to favor the tractors w/ the fat single tires. Something not seen often here in the states because most high horse tractors have duals. So i thought i would share a couple of pics of 2 tractors that i put some single fat tires on. Just a simple wheel/tire swap. Nothing major. But i thought they turned out well, nonetheless.





Thanks for looking.


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Looks much better!!!! ;)  The other advantage with the wider tyres we use here Missi Man is that our roads are narrower by a long way but with many wider tyres, if you park one next to two duals there can be almost the same width of tread just without the gap in the middle. Also, because using duals generally meens two narrower tyres the wieght of the machine isn't spread out as much because most of the wieght falls on the rims. With our wide singles there is more tyre between the rims, and less rims around the machine, 4 as opposed to 8 for instance. Your Deere looks sweet, your 1/64's never cease to amaze me!!!

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