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CASE MX 110 and LOADER + Friends

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Thanks Guys  :-[:-[ :-[

:) :) :)

Have you sprayed these Ricky??

Yes indeed I have.

NO stickers (decals) on the dueled one!! have they run away?

they look spot on, how much you going to sell the standard one for? (no duels or loader)

Some 1/32 farmer powerwashed them off  :D Na just not on for photo, The one with duals needs a trip to auto glass, I mucked up the inside of the plastic, but all is in hand!!!

Looking sharp Ricky, I'll have a couple when you get a minute ;) ;)

Spit it out though, whats the price, PM me if ye like ;) ;)

:P :P  :D :D

Cheers, A Couple?? as in a pair as in twins or 2 different?? which?

Might be a while

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Looking great Ricky...... :) :)

I'm getting tempted mate, never seen such a nice Case MX Series model...... ;)

What loader is the attachement on the Quicke loader from?

John Deere and bale trailer set by the look of it, along with the loader.

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