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Diesel Bowser

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It's a shed roof  :-\

No i'm not cooking the JD but i'm going to see what a MF 5455 is like in the microwave  ;)

Made out of the base of a New-Ray sprayer with different hook and the tank off the back of a Fendt Xylon sprayer.  :)

Could get some clearer shots of the back but it's nothing special just a JD sticker and the pipe is just a section of the Wright-Rain irrigation pipe glued on  :-\ ;)

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like the second tanker alot, might have ago at one. i made my diesel tanker out of a britains cargo trailer, made a square tank that fit tight into it(out of wood) sparyed it my standard colour (JD GREEN) then added a plastic part with a hose with trigger on the end, looks ok, small but ideal on the back of a defender 90. no pic at the moment, models all over the place ready for spalding

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Bowser basically means "Tanker" ((diesel tanker))

ah thanks for that powerstar, so the farmers actually pulls a "diesel or gas bower"  along while working the field???  Is that not kind of risky for fires etc???

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