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Here Ricky, look at these!


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Part or the roof comes off and it has two doorways in the side, mines the one on the left with the big door in the end for getting big items through!!

It will become the new workshop of "Palmers agricultural engineers and contractors"  ::)

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Very nice

I've got the homestead coming allong for the display

who else is gonna join in with the ftf display

at the main yard where it has been used for buisiness use we have

palmers agricultural engineers and contractors

smurfs calf rearing and storage inc


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All i can say is since joining the forum i have witnessed a change in the way we keep our collections

I've allways thought thet a model should be shown in its natural environment and not in o box

with all the buildings that are now being created by TM ,SC myself and the many others on the forum i am glad that we are now enjoying our models for what they are and that is for enjoyment. I Know that some of you will collect for the reasons of making money with (that rare model) in the future but my reasons is that  enjoy farm models and i enjoy creating the environment that they are supposed to be in. So congratulations to SC for his great barns and to all the others that i hope that all of us builders have given you ideas to get your collection into a fun experience and an enjoyable one. the tractors and implements don't look right in a glass cabinet or on shelves (no malace to those who prefer this way) and i look forwards to seeing what the future has in store fo all of us.

Yours    SMURF

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