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Tillage 2013


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The good weather is really helping to get the 2013 tillage season off to a great start.


Here's a thread to post pics of your tillage operation in the yard or in the field.


Here's a pic of my ploughing team. A T7070 under a Kverneland 7 furrow, and two T6090s under Pottinger 5 furrows.



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A few pic's before they leave the yard off to the next job.

1st up the 6920 & 5 furrow plough got the wire rope on the front just incase




Now the big massey with a 7 furrow lemken



And the new 6210r on the lemken dril



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Some good looking kit setting out to get spring sowing wrapped up. Will hopefully add a picture here myself in next couple of days from Corner farm

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