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Good news for MF fans...

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I spoke to Dave yesterday and he is already working 18 hours a day producing his current range, and has extra staff taken on.

Why he would want to waste valuable County & Roadless building time faffing about with that red rubbish is beyond me.  ::)

But seriously, I'm delighted to hear he got permission to build more Masseys. His new pattern maker is even better than the old one, so these models should be excellent when they arrive.

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you know what they say barry,always make what sells,they sell better than nh in real life,ford in there past and will do better as models in the future mate :D :D :D :D

:D;) OH Sean, the biggest selling of anything is not always the best  ;):D

The biggest selling 1/32 model of all time is a ford 6600  :D :D :D at this present day  ;)

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well said starbrush mate,the fergys will be great mate,its just these ford lovers,they think everything else is inferiror to there blue stuff,i mean some mags are deemed blue and are top shelf ,out of reach from youngsters,prehaps fords should bemwe wouldn't want to scare theses young collectors at an earliy age would we  :D :D :D :D

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