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Ford Chafer Tramliner SP

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Very nice. How do you stop the front of the tractor from pitching forward? I want to do the same with a Britains Ford 7600.


I took the 3pt lift and hydraulics off the Ford. It now has a flat rearend. By cutting out some of the plastic between the linkage points on the sprayer, up to the connecting plate, you get enough contact surface to superglue it around and on the rearend. First I replaced the connecting pin between the drawbar and the frame of the sprayer by a screw with a smaller head that fits into the hole. Because of the weight of the frontend of the tractor, lift it up slightly to even out the forces a bit.


Would love to see some pictures of your 7600 sprayer combination.

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you guessed that right. Saw another picture of a Tramliner with a hopper that looked just like it.

 it looks just the job though , I'm going to have a root around in my boys lego box ,see if I can find one for my model chafer
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