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He is a really a nice bloke i have known him for ages he helps me with me models in anyway he can but he regrets what he did on here he would like to post agian but andy aint letting him

Don't waste your posts pleading for Jamie.  ;)

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He may well be a nice bloke but he tried to ruin topics and posts with just stupid comments and 3 letter answers.

Nothing was ever constructive, Andy gave him plenty of warnings but he just got worse, all us collectors share the same great hobby and we intent to come on here to enjoy each others pictures and share ideas etc, we do not expect to be repeatedly sworn and see constant stupid comments in the middle of good topics.

We all have a joke and take the pee out of each other but its all in good fun  :D Even myself and Marky like each other really  ;)

I hope you see where we are coming from and you enjoy your time on here  ;)

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