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Polite notice - Admin message

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Dear all,

Can we please all try and avoid a competitive edge when posting about conversions and scratch builds in this area

There are new and older members on the forum who are slowly getting into the art of model customisation etc. and would like nothing more than to post their work on here and to gain some constructive feedback on what they have done so they can improve in the future :).

When they see posts about 'whos is better than whos' etc. on here, there is a possibility they might be a bit put off by the thought of people not respecting their work because its not up to the standard of some of the pro's, and not bother posting.

This is just a polite notice to keep you in check  :) :)

many thanks

FTF Admin Team

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Update for the benefit of all.

This section is for implement conversions you are working on yourself, for yourself.

If you have an implement conversion which you have bought and would like to show it, do so in the correct Board which is


Use the sub categories or post it in the open board.

If it is a conversion you will ultimately sell, or you are working on for someone else, please post it here


Many Thanks.

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