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a new one for this years harvest

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well decided that i needed a third combine for this years harvest,after the cera 7200 i have and the ordered active one,so we kept it in the familly and ordered/made this a beta mf combine,still got a fair bit of work to do on her,as you can see its based on the roc "lavander" combine and now has a removable header,well it fell off so will be now,going to get the same reel as the 7200 fitted and a new trailer,along with all the usual extras,

decals from pdc's mate,and very nice they are too



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Where has my post gone - another one gone missing  >:( - Sean..... Sean Sean Sean - WOW  :o - that looks the biz mate - I saw that Levarda at Spalding and thought it looked great for a Massey Convo - and boy is it in your hands - Pauls mate does some spot on stickers as well looking at those WOW WOW WOW that is all I can say

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i have decals for 1 maybe 2 more? who knows there may be another ,havn't got a use for them otherwise

belive it or not but that header was only held on by the paint finish,no pins at all,it fell of the workbench,well the chassis part and thats why it will have a removable header,also going to put the workings on the arm for when its off reels ect,,and extra details in the cab and on the header inc hopefully removable crop guides for it

theres also a 760 convo in the pipe line hopefully,removable header ect

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nice work Sean...yeah if you do another, let me know! ;D ;D ;)

saw the original at Spalding with Marky, nice and heavy. One reason i didnt buy it was that the header didnt come off...now i know what to do ;) ;) ::)

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