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Carrot Harvest 2006......

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Hmm not much of a test get it on a marston mate :D :D

Have you got the 8280 and krampe trailer get that out and replace a few JD's that i know that will appear at some point :D

The Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV1160 will be on the Marston...... ;)

Unfortunately I don't have the 8280......There will probably be only one John Deere on this scene but loads when tattie time comes...... ;) ;)

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Change of cab on the Siku Agrotron, stealing off of the cheap plastic ones  :D :D

Looks good mart, better carry on tomorrow give a further dry spell.

Will be carrying on today and will try to get some pics but Dad's away with the camera again...... :-\ :D;)

That's the original cab on the Agrotron though, as it was one of the chep plastic ones, before Siku quality improved a lot...... ;) ;) ;)

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Apologies, thought it was an old one.  ;)

If you need any help carting give me a ring and i'll sort out some road transport  ;)

No problem mate...... ;)

If you have a spare Marston and tractor diver available it could come in handy for carting back to the pack-house, my three bulk tipper lorries are running flat out...... ;)

Pics to follow this evening...... ;)

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