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It is a quite violent procedure, but take a strong and big screvdriver and put between the first and second wheel, and then bend. There is going to be marks on the wheels, and youre strengh will be tested, but just wiggle the screwdriver and the wheels will come of. The wheels it attached just like SIKU with a brick. 

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Sorry old chap... I'll try speaking in English this time....

Did you use the pullers to get the wheel off AFTER you pulled the tyres off  ???

If the answer to the above question is no... THEN - how did you get the wheels off  ???

Please explain in less than 100 words - but MORE than 35 words... many thanks

Yours sincerely

Marky Ferguson OBE MBE  :-*

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Hi Marky,sorry been away all day checking out my mate's diorama,see below,right the "pullers",the "tips" of the pullers were to thick to fit between the wheels,but did fit over the tyres,so I pulled the tyres off,which let me see the problem clearer,so I shoved the handle of a pair of plyers in one side of the wheel and a bigish screw driver in the other side and just prised the wheel off,they are held on by a bearing like washer which is "squeezed" onto the end of the axle and et viola.



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Sorry late to this topic, Here I've ofund the simplest way to remove siku wheels or any wheel held on like the STX with the bushing squeezed on to the shaft,

Set tractor in its side

Take a phillips head screw driver ( strong one)

Set it on the end of the axle

Hit down hard on the screwdriver to "push" the shaft out of the bushing.


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