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Silage Additive or Fuel Bowers

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Knocked up these a few days ago, to go with NCC's silage team :D :D ;D ;D

The claas bowser I made out of a little Gama crop sprayer, took the booms off, bit of Humbrol Claas paint and George is Bobs uncle ::) ::):D :D

The green fuel bowser was made by dadstractors and was mounted on steel wheels, so I whipped them off and put some Siku Fella wheels on instead. Looks 10 times better and it's alot nicer to pull on the road :D :D :D

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ebay then wasnt it! ???, usually around ?15 i think :-\

Yeah it was ebay, they were fetching ?15ish with the rubber tyres. But with me being tight I went for the ?7.00 one on steels and hnaged the tyres myself. Dadstractors was his ebay name and he did have a website too, weather he still sells them though I don't know :-\ :-\ :)

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