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poll for model farming kit competition


whos display did you like the best  

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  1. 1. whos display did you like the best

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    • Civilpek
    • Tractorman810
    • Mjb1
    • NewHolland2
    • Sparrow legs
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    • NCC
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ok lads, which one did you like the best or appealed to you the most, of course remember we are all winners really ::), but seriously though the idea was to see what machinery you use on your farm and to justify your use of that machinery, so when yere making yere decisions ye should base it on that mainly more so then detail of the models etc thus making it fairer on everyone so they are judged on the same grounds

if ye think this one went well and want to do another one in a few weeks time with silage machinery we can get posting again

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Well I have had to wrestle with the one CONSIDERABLY - They are all good and a few are absolutly first class - I have chosen Marcus as I think his dusk pictures were really inspired and his video clips are something else... not to mention the real life field scenes - Sean Massey convo's are something to behold and Sparrows layout is fantastic to say the least... I would have prefered a few votes rather than one - but if it has to be that way then sorry lads but your've been pipped to the post by a hairs breadth by Marcus  :) - Great work from EVERYBODY that posted on there though - and a really interesting post - many thanks

Marky F  ;)

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cheers marcus, your layouts looked brilliant set in soil, everyone made a great job but 3 or 4 stand out from the rest (the builders must have had too much time on there hands marcus, sean, myself etc ha ha!)

top marks to everone who took part, cant wait till the next layout rules, it is much better if we all only post one layout and make it sound realistic, not 30+ tractors on a farm as it sets a sense of realism. i will struggle on the grass land one as im a big cereals fan and also have no potato gear (trip to DT on the way!)  BIG thanks to CP for making this compertition

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Guest Fendt pwr

Cheer's to the 1 person that voted for me.I was unsure of what to do at the start because things took a bit of time to get rolling I'll be ready for the next one,just gotta find a baler now,do grimme make balers? ;)

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