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I was just wandering

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first off take the wheels ,bonnet, cab,& floorpan off any model ford & put to one side , next leave the room & never come back :D :D :D :D

well thats one less ford to worry about  :)

F-P had a post for converting, a TM series body work & fitting it to a britains TSa chassis , that should see you started  :)

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Which implements do you suggest because I aint doing a bloody plough seen enough of them to last me a lifetime!!!!

toppers?, spreaders?, rollers?, harrows? flatbed trailers?, low loader trailer?

bit hard to suggest as you have probably seen them before? ??? ???

maybe add some extras to a tractor you like, like mirrors, lights, hoses etc. thats what i usually do, just modify what i already have :) :)

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nigel ford does a kit of a dexta. costs 50 quid . might be a bit of a chalenge for you

i don't know mate she seems more then capable of handling marky,so a scaledown kit should be a walk in the park

i guess it depends on what you fancy,is there something you use regulary on the farm that isn't being made as a model,thats why i started my convos,they were never made ,

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Ben and I converted the Britains Flatbed trailer as our first (and only) convo's - Quite simple and quite effective - all straight lines so a nice easy one to cut your teeth on Fordson Lass  ;)

and we built a header trailer :) :)

got a few more trailers to work on ;D

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so what yer saying is it's a work of art to the rest of us  :D :D

hate to think what you'd come up with if you had proper parts lying around sean :-\ ;)

cor me to,the new mf was just spare parts lying arround,i hate to see anything wasted you see,all the lights and mirrors from the ergos will get used on her to when i get round to it

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Have started simple-just a front loader conversion. Rob's made me put it on ebay tonight, but I feel a prat as it's my first ever conversion of anything. Took me ages, and I may stick to knitting in futre

Looks fab Fordson Lass... the more I see of you the more in love with you I am  :-*:-* - Can you do a Massey next please  :-*:-*
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