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Ryefield farm.


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Well I've got that urge again. Time to start a new diorama... Nothing big, just a small family farm in modern day times. Oldish kit, JD tractors and a few fattening pigs. Base area I'm planing on is 500mm X 2mt, would like some stone/brick buildings perhaps round a small yard, barn, few grain silos and a fairly modern pig shed. I've got the Jcb tm which will go on eBay and replaced with an older jcb, 

Fleet will defiantly have JD 7810 and my Class domi 96. Would like a 50 or 40 series JD and an older tractor maybe a dicki brown.. Might have my 6930 but that might be to much for the layout...

Thinking maybe 150 acres, tractors might earn a keep working for other contractors and farmers... 

Time to make plans 


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3 hours ago, Tractorman810 said:

Not two topics now Pete,merged them up for you, sounds an interesting plan looking forward to it

Thank you Sean. Purchased a farm house kit tonight and got 1st half of base together .

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Having issues loading pictures. Will try again later..... Bit un-decided on livestock side. Was going for pigs but not sure now. Might go with a beef herd. House a bit poor but think with a little work it will be ok.

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